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Because true success in the market is more than the sum of property sales

If you’ve walked past our agency on Station Street recently or have seen our posts pop up online while scrolling, you’ll have witnessed our beautiful new branding in action …

Since our re-brand, we’ve reported some of our best sales figures to date, with 25 property sales taking place in 2019 alone. Coupled with over 200 leases, you could say we’re in the best position we’ve ever been to handle your all-important property needs.

Over the past 12 months, our results demonstrate that yes, a lovely new look can garner new interest in what you do. But above all, Quixley’s success and stability is the result of a real estate cornerstone that never goes out of style …

Practical, honest and upfront property advice!

At Quixley, we pride ourselves on putting the ‘real’ into real estate. A family owned and operated agency, our team are not only real people - living locally alongside you and your families – our down-to-earth team are dedicated to keeping things real in both our actions and advice.

In an industry notoriously fraught with ego, real estate lingo and jargon simply aren’t in Quixley’s DNA. We speak to you - our clients - like we would our friends, offering you practical and honest property advice we’d wholeheartedly follow ourselves.

From one year to the next, our intimate understanding of the local market is imperative to what we do, but it’s our agent’s commitment to reliability, accountability and compassion that keep clients coming back to achieve their future property goals.

In the state of uncertainty we’re currently experiencing, one thing you can always rely on is Quixley. Whether you wish to discuss downsizing, your rental situation or the impact of interest rates on your investments, you can always count on our team to provide straightforward advice – all with a friendly smile.

We're one big family at Quixley who've been successfully helping the local community sell, buy and lease their homes since 1924 - and guess what? We'd love to be part of your property journey too!

If you're looking for realtors with heart - and more than 90 years’ experience - get in touch for a confidential chat about your property goals and potential.


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