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In the business of homes, since 1924.

If you’re buying, renting or selling a home, finding somebody to help do it right and do it your way – well, it’s a big deal. Quite literally one of the biggest deals you’ll make in your life.

To get the outcome you’re after, it takes knowhow, trust and heart. That’s why we position ourselves, with our hearts on our sleeve, as: friends; not agents, who sell homes; not houses. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because we’ve always been this way, ever since our humble beginnings in 1924.


We treat our clients as friends, and that’s why you can rely on us to be practical, honest, upfront and down-to-earth. There are no egos at Quixley – we are proud members of the community you live in.

But, don’t be fooled by our old-school values: our vision is to innovate, always. We consider our clients to be walking testimonials, and we are not satisfied unless we have exceeded their expectations. It’s about being passionate … but above all, consistent in our approach with everything property, particularly property in Melbourne.

Whether you want to sell a family home in Alphington, buy a nineteenth-century-terrace in Fairfield, or lease out a renovated-warehouse in Richmond: the team here at Quixley are here to listen and help you buy, sell or rent your perfect Melbourne home.

So, if you’re looking for a real-estate agent that doesn’t really feel like a real-estate agent, try the one who has heart and more than 90 years’ experience.

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